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Membership Launch Academy

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Add Recurring Revenue to Your WELLNESS Business

without a huge database, lots of upfront costs, or having anything pre-created


Membership Launch Academy

If you're looking to create a wellness business you've probably started exploring a way to stop trading time for dollars.

You only have so much time in the day, so many clients you can squeeze in. And what if you get sick or injured?

You've heard about people creating online membership sites.

Maybe you've thought ... "there's no way I could ever do that." Or, "where do I start?"

Even though the reasons to offer a membership program are obvious, the path to creating and launching one successfully is anything but.

Which one are you missing that's sticking you with little sales?

You don't have a big enough AUDIENCE to introduce to your offers. Your social media engagement is declining, the algorithm isn't favoring you, promoters aren't working like they used to and your list hasn't grown substantially enough to support the growth you're asking for.


You're missing the mark in your MESSAGING... Your posts & emails are just not delivering results! Sending people to your sales page isn't resulting in the attendance to classes or the purchases of your digital products, even when you put on sales, specials and discounts!


Your OFFER isn't selling itself. You're good at what you do (of course!) & the people who show up are loving your work. But then... why are there so few of them showing up? It would seem that it should be enough to be a great coach, healer or facilitator. But it just isn't working!

This program is the only one of its kind, designed specifically for you if you are looking to streamline your creations, increase your income, and keep doing the work you love doing.

By the End of This Program You'll Have Learned How To:


Create an Irresistible Coaching Program or Membership. That people will be lining up to join and never want to leave!


Launch Your Program. Create a sales funnel that generates you recurring revenue and is aligned with your unique style and designed in a way that people cannot resist choosing it.


Grow Your Program and Increase Retention. Learn how to make a good thing even better! Once you're up and running we start scaling and keeping your members happy & paying!

Lauren Marie
I'm Lauren Marie - years ago I thought I had achieved my biggest dream when I opened up my very own beautiful wellness center and acupunture practice in Denver, CO.

Only after the blood, sweat, tears, and tremendous debt did I realize that none of the things I thought owning my own center would give me actually occurred! 

Today, I run a very successful online business from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, supporting my husband and twin 6-year-olds.

I've created, run, and helped launch multiple 6-figure memberships and love helping experts expand their wellness businesses in the online space.

Now it's your turn! It's time for you to start reaching a wider audience, impacting more clients, and gaining the freedom you've been asking for while doing the work you love to do!


A full done WITH you program that gives you the information and live, personal support you need to create, launch and grow your recurring revenue program inside your wellness business.

Together we will design, launch and scale your group coaching program or membership so that you have recurring revenue freedom … in just 90 days.

Just the key ingredients you need to create an irresistible program that has your future customers & clients jumping all over themselves to get in (before it’s even available!)

So, if you are finally ready to stop trading time for money and go beyond back-to-back clients:

it's a full done-with-you Academy.
Here's what is included in the live support


1-on-1: PRIVATE Coaching Bi-Weekly (Value = $1997)

Discuss your program, and receive personal coaching every two-weeks from your very own success coach, who is skilled at pulling out your unique talents and abilities and helping you shine!


LIVE Q&A: Every Week with Lauren Marie (Value = $1997)

Ask anything and get advice, support, and facilitation to help you take the action steps required to get you where you are going.


Access to Our Tech Team: Custom Support (Value =$997)

At any point that you are creating your program and get stuck with the technology, platforms, or overwhelmed and don't know what to choose, just submit a tech ticket and get a personalized video response walking you through what is required to get through it.


Exclusive Access to Private Community (Value = $497)

Private community with other membership site creators, my team and support staff, and me! Ask questions any day of the week, to fill the gaps between all the other live support you are receiving.



From scroll-stopping video training to a full FB & IG ads course, email and sales page templates and swipe files, to an entire promotion audit system ... we've pulled out all the stops to save you time, eliminate the guesswork, and get you to your 6-figure+ membership success.

Inside the Course You Learn How-To:


MODULE 1: Create an offer that sells itself 

  • In this module you'll come up with an offer that sells itself and begin designing your membership blueprint which includes the offer, the audience, the transformation they will get, and how much it costs.


MODULE 2: Validate Your Idea

  • In this module you'll learn ways of testing your offer before wasting a lot of time or money in creating it. Discover your audience's pain points, what keeps them up at night. Learn to write your marketing messages in a way that will speak to your clients. Develop bonuses to add to your main offer based on your clients' objections


MODULE 3: Do Your First Launch!

  • In this module you'll learn the "OG" launch strategy we've used to sell multiple 6-figure memberships and when to use it.  Using just an idea, you'll bring your first group of paying members in without having anything created.


MODULE 4: Increase #s Using Sales Strategies

  • Learn how to create webinars, challenges, and when to use which strategy. How to use urgency and scarcity to sell your membership. How to develop your bonus offers based on your clients' objections to buying and use ethical sales tactics that work.


MODULE 5: Scale Your Membership

  • Learn how to grow and scale your program, ways to increase retention of your current members, ways to use the current members' success to invite new people, how to increase your reach so that you are constantly inviting new people into the top of your funnel, how to "catch up" new people so they aren't lost and your original members don't lose interest.


MODULE 6: Create Content Consistently

  • Scared of getting yourself in over your head or running out of stuff to put out to your members? We've got you! You'll learn content creation methods and styles to work with your lifestyle, as well as how to connect your why to your membership content.


MODULE 7: Set Up A High Ticket Funnel

  • You'll come up with an a streamlined strategy to invite new people into your world, to get them onto a strategy call with you where they make the choice to join you inside your high-value offering. You'll learn the strategy behind high-ticket sales funnels as well as get the resources to help you implement this in your system.

Let’s Get You Rolling!

Imagine how good you will feel to have the exact roadmap laid out for you to launch your membership.
  • Module #1: Create an offer that sells itself 
  • Module #2: Validate Your Idea
  • Module #3: Your first launch!
  • Module #4: Strategies that sell
  • ​Module #5: Scaling your membership
  • ​Module #6: Content Creation
  • Module 7: High Ticket Funnels
  • ​Bi-weekly PRIVATE 1:1 with your success coach (Value $1997)
  • ​Private Community:  90 Days in Live Academy (Value $497)
  • Live Q&A: Weekly Group Sessions with Lauren (Value $1997)
  • ​Tech Support: Custom support from our Team (Valued at $997)
  • ​Bonus Bundle: Trainings to Enhance (Valued at $3k+)

Total Value = over $11,000

Today's Price = $897*

*Followed by 2 more monthly payments of the same amount.
*Make sure you grab your spot before we close the doors


I don't have a big email list or social following yet. Will this still work?
While some of our students have had a bit of a "head start" as far as creating from an existing database or they've been more out in the spotlight's definitely not required for this program to work for you. One of the modules is centered around your very first launch, and the strategy is created for you no matter what size list you have. We all have to start somewhere! But why not start with a proven strategy and a target in mind that allows you to make money as you go, to reinvest and scale your business along the way.
How long is this program?
There are 2 aspects to this program that make it an Academy. 
1. The course modules and lessons: You will receive access to the full course upon purchase. You can choose to do one module per week, or binge-watch all of the trainings and lessons in a weekend! It's your choice, your pace.

2. The live support (group and private coaching, plus tech support) is available to you for 90 days included with your purchase. At the end of the 90-days the program rolls into a month-to-month membership which you are free to cancel at any time.
What happens at the end of the 90 days?
You will have 90 days to enjoy the live support that is included in your purchase of the Membership Launch Academy. At the end of this 90-day cycle, you will choose if you'd like to exit the group (losing access to the live support) or continue on for an additional fee month-to-month. 

In either case, you will RETAIN access to the Membership Launch Accelerator Course inside your course library forever.
I am not technical ... do I have to be?
Nope! The beauty of this is that we walk you through, each step of the way, with no technical skill or experience required!

We have a specific tech library and easy-to-follow tutorials for the most common tech questions people have asked.

We will also have our wizard team of "geeks" who are available for you as needed and on a personal basis to address your specific challenges as need arises.

This doesn't have to be complicated at all!
What time of day are the LIVE Q&As with Lauren?
Lauren will be live weekly and the time will alternate so that it is good for different regions.

A WEEKS 6pm PT// 9pm ET (11am AEST)
B WEEKS 9:30am CET (5:30pm AEST)

If you can't make the live time, you will be able to submit questions and watch the replay.
Do I have to attend the coaching or trainings live?
The trainings are released for you weekly and all trainings are easy to watch in your course library and they are yours for life!

Also, there are LIVE Q&As for you to come on at a variety of times, so that you will be sure to be able to ask your questions live.

Is this something I can learn on my own for free?
Maybe! But wouldn't it be easier to have Lauren and her team walking you through step-by-step so you don't have to weed through all the thousands of different choices and ways to do it? 

Plus, won't having a supportive group creating alongside of you make you want to actually do the work?

And, if you could figure it out on your own... wouldn't you have done so already? :)
If I don't get results, can I get my money back?
We believe in making this choice right for YOU and for us. If you haven't gotten at least 2x the value of what you paid for this program (or $4k) in advice, training, support and facilitation to help you add a membership to your business within the first 7 days, we'll happily refund you your money back in full!

Simply email us by midnight on the 7th day after your purchase we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory (EJG)!

This Program is Perfect for You If

1. You're just starting to amp up your business and you want to avoid wasting time & money

2. You've been creating and promoting classes and feel like you are having to start from scratch every time. You'd like to streamline your creations so you can focus on doing the work you love, not marketing and promotion.

3. You've plateaued or are bored in your current business

4. You're willing to spend the next 90 days to create a long-lasting difference in your business

5. You're tired of letting the government, a boss, or other factors outside of you determine how much money you can make, or how you can serve your clients.

6. You're tired of seeing the same promotions everywhere and are excited about the possibilities of adding a membership to what you're currently offering

7. You would like to have the ease of recurring revenue and the relaxation of a simplified strategy for your online creations to reach the world.
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